Birth Stories and Testimonies

Many women love to read birth stories. Birth stories can be empowering, encouraging and inspirational. Here are some stories and pictures from some clients I have had the honor of serving. I hope that as you read these stories and look at these pictures you will find encouragement and inspiration as you prepare to meet your new baby. 



"Rebekah was my midwife for my third at home birth and she is an incredibly unique midwife. She steps back like all midwives and trusts your body to work as it was created to. But that is coupled with her "doula heart" that keeps her with you in the moment, nurturing and comforting you as your body works. She is incredibly knowledgable and expertly knows how to deal with anything that might unexpectedly arise. She is a wonderful lady, and incredible midwife."  -Laura




"Rebekah attended many of my prenatal appointments during my fourth pregnancy (fourth home birth). My best memory of her was during my 37 week appointment and I had my usual emotional breakdown that comes near the end of pregnancy. My midwife and Rebekah listened to my fears and let me cry. Rebekah was so gentle with her questions, allowing me to fully process what I needed to as I prepared to birth.

"At the birth, Rebekah and my midwife were attentive and joyful as I birthed my first daughter. Her birth happened at the end of an ice storm. I'm grateful that she was my midwife's apprentice and I know she will continue to serve many women and their families with kindness, wisdom and confidence."

Leigh Anne Hancock

Here is Leigh Anne's full story.

Why I chose a midwife
When it was time for my fourth child to be born, my contractions were inconsistent all day then picked up very quickly. Needless to say, I did not make it to the hospital in time. My husband delivered the baby in a small town clinic 30 minutes away from the hospital.
Being a small town they don't get much excitement. Some people would probably like being in the newspaper, but I am not a fan of publicly. EVERYONE knew about the mother who did not make it to the hospital. I had not wanted any men, except my husband, at this birth. To my horror, the fire department and several police officers showed up at this clinic. After that experience, I decided to have my babies in the comfort of my own home. You can go to sleep in your own bed. You don't have to be woken up at routine times to have blood pressures and temperatures taken. If your baby is sleeping, you can sleep. When I had problems feeding my baby my midwife, Rebekah, coached me through my difficulty and foresaw other possible problems.
I have had 3 hospital births, one almost hospital birth and 6 home births. When they are asked where they were born, the children born at home like to brag "I was born in the living room" or "I was born in the kitchen." 
Wherever you choose to have your baby, at home or in a hospital, with a doctor or a midwife, enjoy the miracle of the new life you're bringing in to the world. For me, I definitely prefer the peace and clam of homebirth.

We used Rebekah as our midwife when Gideon was born and she is wonderful. We couldn't have asked for a better experience. If you are considering midwifery care or homebirth I'd highly recommend talking to her. Jacob Rutledge  


Midwife Rebekah is very knowledgeable about what she does. She has made me feel like she truly cares by taking the time to listen to any questions or concerns I may have. - Robin

Thank you Midwife Rebekah! You have been so dear to our hearts through this pregnancy and postpartum. I am a bit sad that our journey has come to a close in this season. However, we are so thankful for you being who you are and for your wealth of knowledge! You have really come alongside my family and I and given me the birthing opportunity I have desired! You have been amazing and I could not have asked for a greater experience/midwife! Thank you for keeping me encouraged and accountable for my health! We are so grateful for you! May God continue to bless you and the many lives you will touch! -The Eldredge's